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All our courses

Our courses have high quality and expertise and are based on the latest research in ethology, anthrozoology (human-animal interaction), pedagogy, and public health. The courses are also individually adapted to suit each student's ambitions and skills.

Courses by other professionals

In addition to our own courses, we also host courses for other professionals.

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Emphasis on animal welfare

We use positive training methods for animal training and the suitability test - PADA personality assessment - to determine if animals are suitable for work in animal-assisted services.

Cats in AAS

Online theory course, the first step to become a certified visiting team, but is also the starter course for therapy cats and school cats certification.

Online startup course therapy dog

The course teaches you the important and necessary basics you need in order to work with your dog in animal-assisted services. It's an extensive beginner's course.

Do As I Do startkit course

Teach your dog the new and exiting training method developed as a result of a research project in dogs social learning skills. The dog learns tricks and behaviors by copying what your actions.

PADA course

Full certification course to become a PADA evaluator. As a PADA evaluator you can conduct personality assessments of dogs.

build a magic bond

Build a stronger relationship with your horse. Better communication and training through force free methods.

Introductions to AAS on farms.jpg

This course gives you a thorough introduction how to implement farm animals in animal assisted services.

Reduced prices on some of our courses for
low income countries

ICofA wants to make education accessible and viable to everyone, therefore we have a reduced price for Low Income Countries. 

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