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Animal-assisted services on

Our courses have high quality and expertise and are based on the latest research in ethology, anthrozoology (human-animal interaction), pedagogy, and public health. The courses are also individually adapted to suit each student's ambitions and skills.

Emphasis on animal welfare

We use positive training methods for animal training and the suitability test - PADA personality assessment - to determine if animals are suitable for work in animal-assisted services.

Offer care on your farm

For those who wish to work with the animals on their farm to assist people facing challenges in their daily lives, such as school students, individuals struggling with addiction, people with mental health issues, and more.

Animal assisted interventions farm

Online course in

animal assisted services on a farm

This course gives you a thorough introduction how to implement farm animals in animal assisted services

Farms are unique

On the farm, it is not just contact with the animals that will impact the participants, but also the interaction with the farmer, other participants, the natural surroundings, physical work, and routines are among the elements that can contribute positively for some individuals. Research shows that this type of intervention can lead to structure and meaning, mastery, a sense of dignity, positive effects on mental health, positive social effects, and increased physical activity.


therapy animals farm

Animal-assisted services on a farm provide versatile services.


Farms offer a unique and versatile range of services for a wide range of user groups. On a farm, there are often multiple animal species and numerous opportunities for targeted activities and services involving the animals. There is also significant potential for variation throughout the day, as well as during the entire duration of a user's participation. Interaction doesn't have to be limited to animals alone; it can also involve other individuals participating in farm activities.

animal assisted interventions farm

Number of farms offering
animal-assisted services is growing

Through our network, we have affiliated ourselves with several farms, and we are constantly interested in certifying more. Based on expertise in ethology, we have developed a suitability assessment for farm animals that will work in animal-assisted services. There is a significant difference in which species are suitable for close contact with humans, and there are also considerable individual differences in how comfortable the animal is with such interaction.

animal assisted interventions farm
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