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Personalised gear and PADA label

Which gear to use during an intervention? What are the best materials depending on the target group? Is colour important? Is a message on the gear itself important (for example as "don't touch"; "in training"; "I am working, don't distract me")? Having these and more questions regarding gear in mind, but also, to show a standardized label for certified PADA animals, ICofA decided to cooperate with Kosmo's Leash. An italian company creating all kind of gear mostly in Biothane or TPU materials.  - Biothane and TPU are hygienic materials, easy to clean and do not remain wet. TPU is particularly soft, which can be perfect for children or elderly. Kosmo's Leash makes the products as you wish and is always thinking along to find solutions that suit you best. Should you think that these materials become sleepery in case of rain, you can always ask to place adjustable/moveable extra handles along the leash. Also, Kosmo's Leash has a vast variety of colours should you want to match your gear to your company's colour pallette or if colours can be important for the target group you work with.

If your animal is PADA certified, you can ask for the PADA label when you place your order to Kosmo's Leash. The personalisation of the label is free for certified animals (it is not possible to order just the label)..

Some examples of gear you can order with Kosmo's Leash:

  • Collars (of different kinds) for dogs

  • Collars for cats (with safety closure)

  • H harnesses (with or without handle)

  • Horse headset gears

  • Leashes (of different kinds), including with extra handles

To order, you can contact them through their Facebook page (where you can also check all of their products)


Animal-Assisted Support with dogs

A comprehensive book and foundational text crafted by leading experts in the field. This revised edition, born from the collaboration of various specialists, is an updated version of 'Animal Assisted Activities with Dogs: Guidelines for Basic Requirements & Knowledge,' initially published in 2016.





Clothes & accessories

All clothes with illustrations in the front have ICofA logo in the back. Almost all products come in a variety of colors.

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