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A worldwide overview

In partnership with IAHAIO, ICofA created a Map in which all AAI practitioners and their animals can be registered. In this way we can have an overview on who is active in AAI, which field, with which animal, if the animal passed a Personality Assessment Test and to which organisation is the practitioner related.

The aim of this map is bringing AAI practitioners closer, sharing our work with the world and allowing networking within AAI to occur easier and faster. 

You are not a practitioner? 

Don't worry! You can use the map if you are interested in AAI and you would like to know if there is someone active in your country and in which way. Perhaps you are also interested on doing a AAI experience abroad and would like to know which possibilities are out there, the Map is here also for this. 

w_World map.png

Would you like to join the network?





Click on the "register here" button and fill out the form.
By filling out the form, your request will be processed within 2 weeks and your information will be shown on the Map. The information open to the public that the map will show is the following:
  • Your name

  • Email

  • Phone Number

  • Address (optional if whole address of location)

  • Are you answering as an individual or an organisation?

  • Name of organisation

  • Is your organisation member of IAHAIO?

  • Length of experience – when did you start?

  • Are you an AAI practitioner, educator or researcher? 

  • If you are an AAI practitioner, indicate whether you work with AAA, AAT, AAE, AAC

  • In what discipline do you practice, education or research, whether psychology, occupational therapy, etc.

  • Indicate your client population, whether children, adults, autism spectrum, physical limitations, etc.

  • Species of animal(s) involved in services

  • Relevant education/training in AAI

About a PADA certified animal:
  • Name
  • Species
  • Breed
  • Date of birth
  • Date and place PADA ICofA test
  • OADA ICofA evaluator
  • Name of owner/handler
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