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Dyrebar Omsorg Junior

ICofA Junior

Children for Animal Welfare

ICofA Junior was started at the initiative of Rigmor Olsen, who was 9 years old at the time. She wanted to convey knowledge about animals and animal welfare to children.

Rigmor has a mother who is an ethologist and a father who has worked as a police dog handler. With her youthful creativity and the knowledge she has grown up with, she has already managed to inspire a lot of children, schools, and parents to educate children about animal welfare. The course is being used by schools as a part of the curriculum.

It's important to educate children about the animals they love and live with. Most children have respect for their family pets and want to do right by them, but to do that they need knowledge. When children learn to understand animals they also improve their social abilities and empathy.

Dyrebar Omsorg Junior
ICofA Junior motto

The Norwegian

Junior motto:

"Animals have feelings.

Animals have needs.

Animals feel pain therefore

we have to be careful."

Rigmor and her friends

Young knowledge

ICofA aims to educate children about good animal welfare and the therapeutic functions of animals. We want to focus on promoting a healthy relationship between animals and humans as early as possible.

In fact, in Norway, it is a goal in the curriculum that students, starting from 4th grade, should be able to engage in discussions about what constitutes good animal welfare.

Therefore, ICofA aims to provide the youngest individuals access to information through a short course that we hope will inspire them to learn more about the animals we live with.

Dyrebar Omsorg Junior

Animal welfare

Pets, such as dogs, cats, and other companion animals, rely on their human caregivers for their well-being and quality of life. Providing proper care and ensuring good animal welfare for pets is crucial.

It is our ethical responsibility to treat animals with kindness and respect. Pets are sentient beings capable of experiencing pain, emotions, and stress. By prioritizing their welfare, we show compassion and fulfill our duty to
provide them with a safe and comfortable environment.

Maintaining high standards of animal welfare for pets strengthens relationships between humans and animals. When pets feel secure, loved, and well-cared for, they are more likely to exhibit positive behaviors and become valued members of the family. This bond between humans and pets can bring immense joy, companionship, and emotional support to both parties.

Dyrebar Omsorg Junior
ICofA junior

Animal welfare course



This online course is engaging and fun, yet full of important facts about animal welfare in general, but also why it is important. We hope this course inspires both children and adults to learn more and especially learn all they can about their pet and it's needs.

animal welfare children course


Everyone who completes the online course for ICofA Junior will be awarded a diploma.

It's great to be able to show that you have knowledge of something you are passionate about or care about.

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