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Animal-assisted services
with horses

Our courses have high quality and expertise and are based on the latest research in ethology, anthrozoology (human-animal interaction), pedagogy, and public health. The courses are also individually adapted to suit each student's ambitions and skills.

Emphasis on animal welfare

We use positive training methods for animal training and the suitability test - PADA personality assessment - to determine if animals are suitable for work in animal-assisted services.

Therapy horse

Certification as a therapy horse


Work together with your horse to help people who have challenges in their lives.
You can work as a Visiting team regardless of your professional background but you have to collaborate with trained professionals, in institutions or for private individuals.
As a therapy horse in education or public health, you use your horse as an aid in your profession.

Therapy riding
PADA horse

The horse is evaluated by an ethologist, to see if it is suitable for use in horse assisted services

Therapy horse

Learn more about animal behavior, cognition, welfare and other topics related to AAS

Build a magic bond

Build a stronger relationship with your horse. Better communication and training through force free methods.


Ground work to establish contact with the horse – the fundamentals for riding without reins” 

with Cathrine Fodstad

Horses are unique

"Horses are social, intelligent, and curious. They communicate primarily through body language and often mirror the person they interact with. This silent communication with such a large animal provides a unique sensation that is not experienced to the same extent with other animals."

Therapy horse
Applications with horses

The horse is incredibly versatile in animal-assisted services. Here are some forms of horse-assisted services:

  • Equine-facilitated or horse assisted therapy

  • Horse assisted psychotherapy

  • Horse assisted services in mental health

  • Horse assisted group therapy

  • Facilitated riding

  • Equestrian physiotherapy

  • Therapy driving

  • Therapeutic vaultige

  • Horse-facilitated or horse-assisted learning

  • Equine-assisted activities

Equine assisted education
suitability assessment


Before starting your education, your horse must undergo a PADA suitability assessment.

This is done to determine whether your horse possesses the right qualities to engage in equine-assisted services. Working closely with people in unpredictable environments can be demanding for the horse, and not all horses enjoy being social. The test also evaluates how the horse reacts or does not react in stressful situations.

The PADA test is an important tool to better ensure the welfare of the horse. In the course, you will learn how to create an environment where your horse thrives and how to minimize stress.

PADA logo

Definitions and guidelines
In the book Handbook of animal-assisted therapy professional basis and guidelines, the following definitions are used:

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