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WEBINAR - Ground work to establish contact with the horse

WEBINAR - Ground work to establish contact with the horse

WEBINAR: “Ground work to establish contact with the horse – the fundamentals for riding without reins” with Cathrine Fodstad


60 minutes lectures and 30 minutes with questions to the lecturer from participants


This webinar includes 3 practical videos.

– Connecting with Norwegian Trotter

– Communicate with body language

– Self control when mounting



Do you feel that your horse at times is unfocused, lazy or anxious and you feel the need to use force to get your horse “in place” – while what you really want is a partnership where your horse follows at liberty and can be ridden with light signals? Maybe even without reins!

Is your horse at times difficult to stop or hard in the mouth? But buying sharper bits and keeping a firm grip on the reins has not worked as planned?

A few exercises done in a mindful way, will solve these problems – while building a magic bond with your equine partner at the same time. 

In this webinar Cathrine Fodstad, the founder of Ride Like A Viking, will give you an introduction of the basic groundwork you need to establish contact with the horse and be able to ride without rains.


You are the best trainer for your horse

When given the opportunity, horses exhibit remarkable self-control and develop profound connections with their owners. They naturally utilize their bodies with hind-leg engagement and a strong top line, demonstrating functional movement without constant oversight.


Allowing them the freedom to express themselves enhances their abilities even further.

The mental state of a horse significantly influences their physicality. A content and relaxed mind translates into a well-balanced physique, characterized by natural self-carriage and hind-leg engagement driven by intrinsic motivation.


Understanding these dynamics underscores the importance of simple exercises that not only strengthen the bond between rider and horse but also prioritize the comfort and well-being of the horse. These exercises are accessible to all, regardless of age or riding experience, including adult leisure riders and children. In fact, leisure riders and children often foster the strongest connections with their horses, as horses thrive in familiar environments and companionship.



Ride Like a Viking is a family run farm, horse rescue and educational center in Tynset Norway. We teach horse owners to connect with horses and train and ride at liberty – without depending on treats. This journey started when Cathrine became first Norwegian to complete Mongol Derby, the word`s longest and toughest horse race.

Cathrine is certified horse trainer from Holar University College and Riding Instructor from Norwegian Equine Center, she has 35 years of experience with horses. The semi-wild horses of Mongolia taught her how horses really are. After the 1 000 km race her left ankle and perception of horses has never been the same.


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