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WEBINAR: “Animal Emotions – what are they like?”

WEBINAR: “Animal Emotions – what are they like?”

with Per Jensen

The webinar was held on 17 December 2020 – watch it online now

The webinar consists of 30 min lectures and 30 min with questions to the lecturer from participants


Animal Emotions – what are they like?


Most people agree that non-human animals are capable of simple primary emotions, like fear and anger. However, there has been debate over their abilities to perceive complex emotions like jealousy, boredom and empathy. In this talk, I will present some recent research based on both behaviour and physiology showing that at least other vertebrates are most likely experiencing similar complex emotions as we do, and I will also reflect on the ethical consequences of these insights.


Per Jensen

Per Jensen is professor of ethology at Linköping University. He has published about 200 primary research papers and more than ten popular science books on animal behaviour and emotions.

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