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Minicourse pack

Minicourse pack

Teach your dog the basic exercises required for therapy dogs.

The minicourse pack is step-by-step online courses with video and text explanations on how to teach various erxercises required for therapy dog teams. The exercises are useful in everyday life and are fundamental exercises we use with therapy dogs.

The package includes these courses:

    How to teach the dog "a marker"
    How to teach your dog "go to mat"
    How to teach your dog to "follow the thumb"
    How to teach your dog "doggie zen"
    How to teach your dog "head in lap"

How to teach the dog "a marker"

Teach your dog a marker. A marker is, for example, the sound of a clicker (clicker training). Using a marker when training is very useful to be more precise in training. The sound is used to tell the dog that what it did was correct, and the reward follows.

How to teach the dog "go to mat"

Teach your dog to lie on the mat. We demonstrate several different learning methods and step by step how to proceed and what to do if the dog makes a mistake. This is perhaps one of the most useful exercises one can teach a dog.

How to teach the dog "doggie zen"

Teach your dog reverse luring. Reverse luring has several useful functions. It is used to teach the dog to hold a position over time, and you can communicate to the dog that what it is doing is right without having to praise the dog repeatedly, avoiding confusion. It is also a fantastic exercise for training impulse control and concentration. A basic exercise everyone should know.

How to teach the dog "follow the thumb"

Teach your dog a target. A target is something your dog should follow or touch. Here, the dog learns to follow and touch the thumb, but you can replace the thumb with a post-it note, your palm, target stick or anything else you want the dog to follow/touch. Useful for learning exercises but also as a tool in everyday life.

How to teach the dog "head in lap"

Teach your dog to place its head in your lap or someone else's. A basic exercise used extensively with therapy. One of the most used exercises in canine assisted services.

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