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a new training method

Your dog can learn new advanced behaviors and tricks by copying your actions!


Online course

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Examples of behaviors:

open drawers

turn off the light

fetch things

clean up their own toys

By using this method, you will be able to teach your dog useful and fun tricks quickly. Your dog will remember the commands for longer, and the communication between you and your dog will improve.

Your dog pays attention to what you do and mimics your actions. This way, the dog can learn simply by observing, and you can avoid the gradual step-by-step training of a behavior.



The course is developed by the founders of the method

Claudia Fugazza, Marco Odeja o& Fumi Higaki  

A method based on

DoAsIDo was developed during a research project at the Department of Ethology in Eötvös Loránd University (Budapest). The researcher, Claudia Fugazza, aimed to study dogs' social learning abilities.

During the project, they developed a training method based on social learning to investigate dogs' cognition. The method was named "Do as I Do" and quickly proved to be a highly effective training method. Dogs using this method not only have better recall but also find it easier to learn more advanced exercises compared to, for example, clicker training (shaping).

Ethology in Eötvös Loránd University  logo

Better focus and impulse control

The method uses a system and a routine that makes it predictable and easy for the dog to know when to watch your actions and when to copy the same action themselves.

This requires a lot of concentration and the ability to wait until they are told to mimic the behavior. Do As I Do is perfect for training the mind as well as fun behaviors and activities with you.

This course package will provide you with a solid introduction to everything you need to master the Do As I Do method.

Language: English

Course Duration: 5 hours

Do As I Do startkit course



Do As I Do Startkit 

1. Introduction in Do As I Do

- Do as I Do Foundation Training (M. Ojeda)

- Do as I Do Training protocol Phase 1 (C. Fugazza)

- Do as I Do Training protocol Phase 2 (C. Fugazza)

2. Do As I Do Follow up

- Teaching “Dunk shot” with Do as I Do (F. Higaki)

- Teaching to imitate two actions on one object (M. Ojeda)


3. Scientific studies on differences between Do as I Do and associative-based training methods (C. Fugazza)


4. Episodic memory (C. Fugazza)


- Puppy Training using a Social Learning Approach (Fumi Higaki)

- Live demonstration & feedback  (Fumi Higaki)

- Do AS I Do Q&A  (Claudia Fugazza)

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