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Online startup course
extensive starter course for
visiting dog, school dog and therapy dog handlers

Dogs have the ability to instantly get close to a person and feel familiar. They can be an icebreaker, helping us to faster create a connection with a person. Dogs have a calming effect on people and can lighten a persons mood and their effect on us can be significant. They can help a person to open up, lessen anxiety, be a motivator, be a higlight and something to look forward to in a persons week/day.

In this online course, you will learn how you and your dog can become a synchronized team that aids individuals with various challenges and how you can work professionally as a therapy dog team. 


You will learn about:

  • How dogs affect us in a positive way

  • How to incorporate dogs in canine-assisted services with different user groups.

  • How to deal with allergens, hygiene, and if needed accommodate people who are not part of the intervention.

  • Risk assessment.

  • Basic behaviors necessary for therapy dogs that you can train with your dog at home

  • How to develop your unique skills and qualities

Animal welfare for therapy dogs

In the course, you will also learn how you can ensure your dog's welfare during interventions. We train dogs with positive training methods and the curriculum is reviewed by an ethologist. Working with your dog should be a source of joy and enrichment for both you and your dog.


€210 - low income countries


Do you have a confident, social,  and adventurous dog?
Then this course is highly recommended!

The course gives you a strong introduction to how you can work therapeutically together with your dog, how to effectively solve challenges you may encounter, and how to plan interactions with different user groups. This course aims to help you and your dog develop and strengthen your relationship.

Interventions with dogs

Dogs are widely used in schools, child welfare, mental health, and physical rehabilitation. Dogs are utilized by both institutions and individuals. Dogs are versatile and easy to bring along in various environments, meeting the users where they are.


Working as a team with your dog

Both the dog and the owner are enriched through their work in animal-assisted activities.
The family dog can make a significant difference for others, in addition to being your best friend.
Most dogs appreciate working together with their owners and having variety in their daily lives. It has been shown that dogs also experience an increase in the hormone oxytocin through touch between dogs and humans.

Visiting team certificate


When you have completed all the steps of the certification you will receive a certificate. The certificate is an international stamp of approval.

Theoretical course 

!! There will be changes, but the course will include these topics

The online theory course includes: !! There will be changes, but the course will include these topics

1. Introduction

2. Risk management

3. Learning

4. Signals

5. The dog’s health

6. Relationship between dog and human

7. Communication and ethics

8. How to set up a visit


Animal-Assisted Support with dogs - handbook



€210 - low income countries



The handbook is included in the course.

The original price is €35.00

A comprehensive book and foundational text crafted by leading experts in the field. This revised edition, born from the collaboration of various specialists, is an updated version of 'Animal Assisted Activities with Dogs: Guidelines for Basic Requirements & Knowledge,' initially published in 2016.


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