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How do training methods affect the dog's health and welfare

How do training methods affect the dog's health and welfare

  • Do you want to train your dog successfully, in a positive and effective way? 

  • Do you want to learn more about the mechanisms behind learning in dogs and how it can affect their welfare?

  • Do you want to know more about the recent research on this topic?


If you have answered YES on one of the questions, this seminar will be perfect for you!


Hilde closely follows the development of learning theories and methods of training animals and has both practical and theoretical experience of the subject. Her education in biology gives her a broad insight into general behavior science and physiology and how they can relate and influence each other.


Her talk will discuss how training methods can affect the health and welfare of animals in training.


In recent decades, research and practice within AAI has focused on the effect AAI has on human health and welfare. There has been little attention to the welfare and health of the animals involved in AAI. Although there are a few studies that show that AAI can be positive for the animals, there are also more and more people who question the welfare of the animals we implement in AAI.


Luckily, there has also been a great development in knowledge when it comes to animal welfare in general. And in the past few years there has been focus on training of animals and the impact that training methods has on the welfare of animals. In this lecture you will get an insight in the newest research on the topic and Hilde will explain the importance of positive training methods related to animal welfare.


About Hilde Ulvatne Marthinsen

The seminar is held by Hilde Ulvatne Marthinsen, she has a PhD in microbiology and a master's degree in biochemistry. Hilde has university education in animal assisted intervention and is a licensed dog instructor by the Norwegian Kennel Club. 


Hilde has held numerous courses, workshops and private lessons teaching dog owners how to train their dogs for participation in various dog sports and general skills in the daily life.


Hilde is the founder, owner and manager of Hamar hundeskole. Hilde also has extensive experience in training and competing in different sports with her own dogs.


Join us 7th of February 19:00 CET.


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