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Retriving in AAI

Magdalena Nawarecka

October 8, 2021

Retrieving is one of the most powerful exercises that you can use in AAI! It opens so many possibilities for different exercises and purposes: reading, counting, building self-confidence, having fun, manual training, and much more. The moment delivering the object to the client gives the feeling of being unique, important, and that the dog is really focusing on interaction. That gives a judge motivation to keep playing with the dog, doing all the tasks that the “dog” chooses (eg. reading the sentence from the board, or marching retrieved objects).

It can be also used to activate people who are “absent” because of their mental state – dementia, depression, or other issues… Happy dog, who delivers a colorful toy on your lap and happily waiting for you to interact is a very strong, positive stimulus that helps to focus on “here and now”.

Read a short guide on how you can use fetching in different AAI settings, and share your ideas about nice exercises with that!


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