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We got nominated in Norway – Social Entrepreneur of the Year 2021!

What an honor!

ICofA in Norway (Dyrebar Omsorg) woke up to the news that they are now nominated to one of the most prestigious prices in social entrepreneurship in Norway! “Social entrepreneurs of the year award” are looking for companies that aim to make the world a better place. Since Dyrebar Omsorg is a part of ICofA we are very proud.

Innovative solutions and drive are in focus when the Social Entrepreneur of the Year is selected as a winner in November 2021. The winner will receive a gift check of half a million Norwegian kroner (about 60.000 usd).

23 companies have been nominated to the the award in 2021. – There are more nominees this year than before and several new names on the block, which is very positive, says jury chairman, owner and chairman of Ferd, Johan H. Andresen.

The 23 nominees have been voted on by environments that support social entrepreneurs, and have been selected for their innovative solution and potential for solving social challenges, according to Andresen. The candidates are assessed according to criteria such as innovation, scalability and economic and social results.

Long-awaited award ceremony This is the 12th time the prize has been awarded, and in November we will know who will walk away with the victory and the prize of half a million kroner for further development of the company. Many of the nominees have had a difficult time in the last year and a half due to the pandemic, and the prize money will come in handy.

– The corona period has affected both the companies’ opportunities for development and earnings. Nevertheless, we see that many have shown great ability for creativity and adjustment, says the jury leader.

These companies are needed now, perhaps more than ever.

– There are many vulnerable groups in society who have gotten worse during the pandemic and who now need help.


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