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Sadly not all dogs are recommended to become therapy dogs, we had a chat with one of the owners

Today we had a chat with Anoek Reezigt, the owner of Jäger Maestro who sadly didn't pass the PADA test last week.

But first, if you dont know what PADA is?

PADA is an international test developed to reveal which dogs are suitable for use within Animal Assisted Intervention (AAI).

PADA measures whether dogs are suitable, and have the right personality to become therapy dogs; however, this is only a pre-selection test, meaning that dogs passing PADA needs more training to learn skills needed in AAI. PADA is the first, necessary step for every dog before it can start working.

To determine if a dog is suitable for work in AAI it needs to be assessed by a certified and qualified evaluator that has extensive knowledge in dog behavior. The mental test is called PADA and consist of 16 parts.

Sunday October 23rd at 1pm to 4pm (GMT+2:00) you can learn more about dog behaviour, which dogs are suitable to become therapy dogs and the mental test they have to go through. This event is open for everyone!

Are you bummed because you have something else to do that day?

No problem, the workshop will be recorded so you can watch it on your own day and time! So you don't have to miss anything!

Do you wonder if animals have feelings like us humans?

Now you can watch the webinar "Animal Emotions" for free!

When signing up to our PADA workshop you will receive a FREE webinar with Per Jensen, professor in ethology.

Watch this immediately after registration to prepare for the workshop.


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