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Nerd holiday with meaning!

Several certified teams from different countries have been invited to participate in one of the summer's biggest events in animal-assisted interventions with dogs. The camp is called International AAI camp and is being held for the fifth time in Poland!

10 days of training where several international experts participate together with participants from many different countries!

We had a chat with Marianne Raa from Norway, the founder of "Dogs who helps".

- The camp is a unique opportunity to meet others who work in the field of AAI. We exchange experiences, learn a lot of new things and inspire each other. Poland is also a dog-friendly country. We are well received as travelers with dogs. To me, this is a nerd holiday with meaning. In my luggage back home, I have new training methods, new skills and a strengthened professional network. Maybe I have inspired someone, and in addition I have trained under a world star: Fumi Higaki, says Marianne Raa.

The camp is an exchange between Poland and Norway and is sponsored by Norwegian Grants. One of the organizers is Line Sandtedt, head of education at ICofa Community.

- The project is about exchanging experiences and knowledge within AAI. In addition, several nations are present. We have participants from Ukraine, the Netherlands, Norway and England at the camp, says Line.

In parallel with this, there is a PADA camp, where participants from Japan, Romania, Iceland, Poland and the Netherlands have come to learn how to evaluate dogs' suitability for AAI.

The camp started on Saturday 9 July. Before we began there was a cultural exchange, people brought local food, cakes and sweets so that everyone can get a little taste. For two days before this, we have had DAID (do as I do) - seminar with Fumi Higaki, one of the founders behind the method, says Line.

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Another participant from Norway is Ayesha, the founder of "Terapipotene".

- I am completely overwhelmed to be one of 10 invited teams who were allowed to join from Norway😃 A full 10 days of AAI training with the world's best gang, then we just have to be able to get even better!

The goal of the trip is to see if Stella and I can develop new exercises and skills together and be inspired by others to try new things that Stella thinks are fun and that she masters, says Ayesha.

On her way down to Poland, Ayesha has updated her followers on social media about how she and 3 dogs got to the camp.

- I'm just sooooo impressed with my animals !!! We always set up long journeys with a good margin for good stops along the way. 9 hours on a boat and in the same cabin, the dogs just nailed it 😃🐾 everything went very well, says Ayesha.


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