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Greeting a patient: practical video

Magdalena Nawarecka

September 13, 2021

Watch the video with a very nice and experienced therapy dog – Enzo – greeting his new group of elderly patients. Karolina, his handler, is using different tools and commands to support the different needs of patients. In the beginning, she is showing what kind of “saying hello” the patient may choose and gives some instructions on how to ask Enzo about it. Patients may choose on their own.

Enzo is able to put his head on the lap and hug the patient, put his nose in a patient’s hand, and give a paw or high five. For patients it is very interesting to observe those behaviors, they may train their memory (to remember the command) and enjoy the moment when Enzo is working with them.

In the commands you can share your thoughts and impressions, and, pictures from your interventions, and greeting situations. I hope this may be an inspiration for you!


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