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Blanket as a safe place

A blanket is a great tool in your AAI work! It has many usabilities and helps during every intervention. A blanket is a safe place for the dog – where the dog may rest between exercises, calm down, release emotions, and feel secure. To make all that become true, each dog needs proper training – during dog classes, everyday situations and dog walks. Use a blanket always when you want to sit and “do nothing” with the dog, so it will become a habit for both of you.

The blanket helps to secure your dog’s welfare during AAI. Working actively for all the interventions (about 40 minutes) may be exhausting and stressful for the dog. Using a blanket as a safe place to rest may help the dog to:

  • rest between the exercises

  • make the working time longer

  • make the dog less tired after finishing his/her work

  • prevents burnout

Read the manual to learn about the advantages of using the blanket. Share your ideas in the comments.

Download the PDF and learn more!


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