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PADA personality assessment of animals team in JAPAN

We are happy to inroduce a new PADA personality assessment of animals team from Japan. We know they will do great work and represent PADA with professional and high quality standards.

Welcome to PADA!

PADA team Fumi Higaki

Greetings from Japan!

We are a proud certified PADA team located in Aichi. Although two of our team members (PADA assistants named Yoshie and Naomi) are not present in this picture, the five of us together form the perfect team to conduct thorough and well-prepared PADA tests in Japan.

My name is Fumi Higaki (wearing an orange T-shirt), and I am a PADA evaluator. I am also the founder and representative of the Ichinomiya AAE Dog Club in Aichi, Japan. I completed the comprehensive PADA Evaluator course at ICofA and attended the assessment workshop in Poland in 2022. Yoshie, wearing a pink T-shirt, and Yukiko, wearing a blue T-shirt, are both certified PADA leaders. My team and I completed the PADA course as a group and managed to submit our assessments successfully, earning our certification in March 2023!

I have come across several evaluation systems, but the PADA test stands out for its uniqueness. The test allows dogs to make independent decisions with minimal influence from their owners. However, the owners are allowed to accompany their dogs during most parts of the test. The PADA team is responsible for ensuring the evaluation is conducted safely and objectively while safeguarding the dogs' welfare. If you are in Japan and wish to take the exam or organize the PADA test for a group of participants, please reach out to Fumi.


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