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From suitability assessment to international personality test of domestic animals

PADA personality assessment of animals

Finally the suitability assessment has developed into an international personality test of domestic animals. Our suitability assessment has been primarily used throughout the years to test whether dogs are suitable for animal-assisted interventions. The test itself was developed by an ethologist and consists of multiple elements where we assess how a dog reacts or doesn't react to various stimuli and environments. This provides us with a good understanding of the dog's innate personality. The test is designed to observe the dog in a natural, everyday environment with stimuli that they are likely to encounter commonly.

PADA personality test dog
Apollo during a PADA test

From testing dogs, we further developed the test to include cats, horses, and farm animals. We have even conducted personality tests of chickens, but the test has evolved even further to include more applications. In collaboration with researchers in Hungary, including Ádám Miklósi, one of the leading names in dog research, we initiated a research project to evaluate the reliability of the personality test. It has now become a sought-after test in several countries and for various purposes.

Personality assessment chicken
Eivind with a PADA tested chicken

Our suitability assessment has evolved into PADA - Personality Assessment of Domestic Animals, an international temperament test for animals. We hope that this means personality testing of animals for various purposes such as breeding, service dogs, animals in different sports, behavioral issues, research, assessments for animal rehoming, welfare assessment, and more, becomes a natural and common tool for professionally assessing the animals' traits and needs.

Our personality influences how we experience and handle the world around us. It is the basis for whether we are impulsive and daring or perhaps measured and cautious. Personality is not a fixed form that remains unchanged, but rather a foundation or starting point that significantly affects our behavior and predisposition to act or think in a particular way. Similarly, it applies to animals. They are born with a personality that shapes their behavior and disposition.

PADA personality assessment of horses
Zafira, a horse that passed the PADA test for therapy animals

Personality is primarily shaped by genetics; hence, it is crucial that temperament is considered a significant factor in choosing the right animals for breeding. Domesticated animals must thrive and adapt to the environment they live in to ensure good animal welfare. Breeding often has different objectives than promoting a healthy temperament, and we sometimes breed for traits that benefit us, often at the expense of the animals' mental well-being.

PADA personality assessment of horses

PADA has now become a separate company and concept under ICofA. We see that there has been a need for professional assessment of animals' temperament in various areas, but there hasn't been a satisfactory product available. It will be exciting to see where the development takes PADA next. So far, much of the developement has been shaped by demand.

To learn more about PADA, visit their own website.


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