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Innovation animal-human communication and documentation in AAI

Eva holds a master's degree in behavior analysis and is passionate about improving how we communicate with animals. She is a dedicated, inspiring lecturer with a wealth of knowledge and innovation. She explores how animals can be empowered to communicate what they want and don't want in interactions with us.

Innovation and animal human connection

The Secret (real) Life of Dogs: Free Roaming Dogs

Dogs have roamed the Earth for thousands of years, but today, stray dogs are, in most places around the world, viewed as a nuisance, a threat to ecosystems and wildlife, and an unsanitary signal in urban environments. But how do they live? What does their social life look like? Do they form packs? Are they more aggressive? Learn about the life of stray dogs with Claudia Fugazza and Marco Ojeda.

Secret life

Tell me what you want!

When individuals meet, they come with their own perspective and life history. So, how can we ensure that we understand the animals' perspective and give them a voice in our encounters with them? Eva Bertilsson will go through the ABC analysis tool for contextual analysis of antecedent, behavior, and consequence.

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Learning and behavior

Learning is most commonly known and defined as a lasting change in behavior as a result of experience. Being alive means constantly interacting with the environment - so we are always learning! Eva Bertilsson will show you the individual's perspective and explore how motivational factors, discriminative factors, and reinforcing factors influence what the individual does and experiences.

Learning and behavior

Animal Emotions – what are they like?

In this presentation, Per Jensen will present some recent research results based on both behavior and physiology, demonstrating that other vertebrates most likely experience similar complex emotions as we do.

animal emotions

Original price 500,-

Now 300,-

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