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Temperament test for adolescent dogs

Temperament test for adolescent dogs

Do you have a adolescent dog that you want to train to become a therapy dog, service dog, or school dog? After multiple requests, we have now developed a young dog assessment that can be done online. The dog must be a minimum of 6 months of age.


This is an evaluation that will provide a rough estimate of your adolescent dog and whether it might be suitable for use in DAI (Dog-Assisted Interventions) when it's an adult. You can also receive guidance on what you should work on until the dog is old enough to undergo a complete suitability assessment. Additionally, you can receive specific tips on exercises that are useful for becoming a certified team. Note that regardless, the dog must undergo a full suitability assessment after reaching two years of age.


The test is conducted online, where you, as the handler, submit a video for evaluation. Beforehand, you will answer various questions related to your dog's behavior and personality.


All dogs intended for use in animal-assisted interventions should undergo a suitability assessment. This assessment is done when the dog's personality has fully developed, which is considered to be after the dog has turned two years old. If you have a dog that is under 2 years old but wish to start training already, you have the option to take a this assessment.


Animal Welfare

It is important that animals are evaluated by objective eyes and by professionals with education in animal behavior. Many environments and situations in jobs within Animal-Assisted Interventions (AAI) can be stressful for the animals, in relation to loud sudden noises, unpredictable environments, and people. It's not always easy to determine if the animals are experiencing distress in these situations. Signs of negative stress can be subtle or may even resemble other behaviors that we perceive as positive.


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