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Human Dog Interaction course

Human Dog Interaction course

Do you want to learn more about the
human - dog relationship? Do you want to understand your dog better?

This online course will give you an ABC introduction in dog training and communication. The course is recommended to all dog owners regardless experience. 



What do you get from this course? 

This online training course covers the essentials of what you need to know as a dog owner. 


You will get an introduction to dog behavior and dog training, and learn how to communicate and cooperate better with your best friend. The course focuses on the relationship and interaction between humans and dogs, and also gives an increased understanding of the dog’s health-promoting effects on humans.


When buying the course, yo´re granted access for a whole year. You can also print the course compendium.

After finishing the course, you get a certificate that you can download.

We have also added a bonus lecture for you!


If you have questions, send us an email to


In this course you will learn about

* Introduction 

* Risk management

* Learning

​* Signals

* The dog’s health

* Relationship between dog and human

​* Communication and ethics

​* How to set up a visit - want spread joy to others together with your dog? 



Access and course certification 

You get the course delivered on a super learning portal that can be used on phone, tablet and pc / Mac.

You get access to the course material immediately and it will be available for you for 12 months. 


Fun and effective

"My name is Colin, and I grew up in a family with dogs. After taking this online course, I realized how much dog - training has evolved. Its actually a science! I learned to read all dog signals in a better way and became more conscious on my own communication with my dog. Our relationship has improved largely, and I strongly recommend this course to all dog owners. I also learned how Cooper and I can help others in therapy situations. After this course we got even certified and become a visiting team." - Colin 


The ABC in dogtraining

“The course was very interesting. Varied between photos and video that made it easy to follow, as well as a good summary after each block. Nice with quizzes that must be completed at the end of each block to move on - it gives extra motivation to follow. I think it was most interesting to learn about the dog's signals and health. Incredibly educational. All together, this course gives you an ABC in dog training! I have watched it two times already and keep learning something new." - Ayesha 



Teacher support and assistance 

You get access to monthly question hours with the teacher throughout your course period of 1 year. We will send out email reminders about the question hours so that you do not forget to post questions.



Online training group with other participants 

You will get access to a closed online training group at ICofA-Community where you can interact with others who take the course.

Ask questions, shear your training experience and have fun!



This course is developed by

This theory course is prepared by international experts who are researchers and practitioners involved in Animal Assisted Intervention (AAI).


The narrator for the course is Dr. Aubrey H. Fine who will guide you through all the topics and issues. You will get a clear and orderly view of each unit needed to become a professional.

This course is a theoretical part of the “Visiting team” course – the first step to become a certified AAI team! This theory course is mandatory for anyone who wants to become certified visiting friends with dogs.



The International Community of Anthrozoology

ICofA was established in Norway 2004 and is an inclusive and dynamic alliance. Our goal is to build a social and professional network, promote AAI - animal assisted interventions in the international community, and enrich people’s knowledge and skills in AAI. 

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