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Cats in AAS

Cats in AAS

This is exhaustive course in cat behaviour and it also focus on how to work with your cat in animal assisted services. 


Do you want to spread joy to other people with your cat? Then this course is for you!

Welcome to the online theory course for cats in AAS - animal-assisted services


Course length: 11 hours

Language: English


Start your visiting team journey online

The online theory course for those who want to work with therapy cats, school cats or visiting cats.


Do you, together with your cat, want to become a certified AAS team that can conduct professional services in different facilities? Give support and joy to those who need it and learn how to do it in the most efficient and ethical way?


This theory course is prepared by international experts who are researchers and practitioners involved in AAS. You will get a clear and orderly view of each unit needed to become a professional.


This course is a theoretical part and the first step to become a certified AAS team!


In this course you will get an introduction in cat behavior and cat training. In addition, you will gain a basic understanding of the relationship between human and cats. You will learn about the cat’s signals and communication. The course will also give you an increased understanding of the cat’s health-promoting effect on us humans.



  • Animal Emotions - what are they like by prof. Per Jensen
  • Animal Rights and Human responsibilities by Dr. Christine Olsen
  • Tell me what you want by Eva Bertilsson
  • The Human-Cat Relationship by PD Dr. Dennis Turner
  • Domestic Cat Ethology and Ecology by PD Dr. Dennis Turner
  • Consequences of our Knowledge about the Needs and Behaviour of Cats by PD Dr. Dennis Turner
  • Behavioural Problems of Cats by PD Dr. Dennis Turner
  • Learning theory by Line Sandstedt
  • Learning styles by Line Sandstedt
  • Health Care Check by veterinarian Sasja Rygh
  • Risk Management by Line Sandstedt
  • Planning and Documentation of an AAS by Dr. Christine Olsen


Take the course whenever you want, wherever you want!

In total, you go through 11 hours of theory where you receive a diploma on approved theory course. You will need this diploma to start the practical part of the course.

We recommend that you set aside minimum four evenings for this course.

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