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Animal Assisted Interventions in health care and education

Animal Assisted Interventions in health care and education

This course is only available i Turkish


The Center of Education in Animal Assisted Interventions and Green Care: offers an hybride (online and on site) course in collaboration with ICOFA (International Community of Anthrozoology Norway and  IVA (Institute for Anthrozoology) in the Netherlands.

The course is meant for licensed professionals working in health care or (special) education who want to learn to work with (their own trained) animals in Animal Assisted Therapy (psycho, physio, speech, occupational therapists and youth workers, social workers etc.)  or Animal Assisted Education by (special) teachers (for children with learning or behavioral problems). Sufficient knowledge of English is recommended. The Conference and practice workshops in Turkey will be given in English and Turkish, the online lectures and workshops are in English.

Participants are recommended to have a dog. If the course is followed without simultaneous training of the dog, the student will have a certificate for theory only, and will have the opportunity to do the practical exam later. To be accredited as a team it is necessary to train with the dog during the whole course from day 1 until accreditation.

The course will take 6-8 months and will be finished with a diploma.

Lectures, quizzes and movies, practical exercises
Mandatory Conference days with lectures and workshops in June, Turkey
Mandatory Workshops on line and in person in June, adjacent to the conference in Turkey

Total workload:
lectures 26 (20 online, 6 at the conference)
self-study (literature), 200 hours
practice with the dog at home, 200 hours
workshop and practice AAI, on line 20 hours, on site 20 hours in Turkey
Together: 466 hours.

Topics lectures  
1. Introduction in the field
2. Relationship between dog and human
3. Welfare of dogs and humans
4. Dogs signals and communication 1,2
5. Dogs emotions, stress biology
6. Dog’s health, heath check and preventing injuries
7. Learning theory 1,2, learning techniques
8. Ethology and behavior development
9. Do as I do
10. Risk management and ethics
11. Handlers responsibilities during AAI
12. Planning and documentation of AAI
13. Exercises in AAI
14. Best practices

After the course the professional (health care or educational) will have learned to work dog-assisted in a responsible, prudent, ethical way and will have acquired knowledge and skills about animal assisted interventions. He/she will be qualified to work in his/her field assisted by his/herdog. The team will be evaluated after the course and will get a diploma.

How to register?

Go to :  and register for the course. Thanks to grants from ICOFA and IVA we can keep the costs low: 250 euro + 100 euro congress= 350 euro

Except for the Conference and adjacent practical workshops you can follow the course in your own pace and on the times that are comfortable for you.
START: you can start a.s.a.p.
We limit our course to 20 students, first come first served.

Looking forward to your registration.

The team on the course:

Mr. Yavuz Kutuk: director of CAC in Turkiye, coordinator
Dr. Christine Olsen, director ICOFA, ethologist, public health scientist, dogtrainer
Mrs. Lene  Sandstedt, Chief Executive Officer at Dyrebar Omsorg AS, manager ICOFA, dogtrainer
Prof.em. dr. Marie-Jose Enders-Slegers, clinical psychologist, anthrozoologist, Institute for Anthrozoology, the Netherlands
Several practitioners and scientists in the field of Animal Assisted Interventions from all over the world

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