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Dr. Christine Olsen

PhD Public health, MSc Ethology

Dr Christine Olsen, R&D Director at ICofA. She earned her MSc in Animal Behaviour from the Norwegian University of Life Sciences in 2006. She later completed her doctoral studies at the same institution in 2016, focusing on animal-assisted services (AAS).

Dr Olsen is both a cat and dog behaviorist, and a certified dog instructor. For several years she held the position of Felino technician at Royal Canin. Notably, she spearheaded the development of the Personality Assessment of Domestic Animals (PADA), a screening test to evaluate the suitability of animals—like cats, dogs, horses, and farm animals—for roles in AAS.

Throughout her career, Dr Olsen has collaborated on numerous international projects, building a vast international network that encompasses some of the most respected figures in the AAS field. Many of these individuals are now staunch supporters of the International Community of Anthrozoology (ICofA), a global community that unites practitioners, researchers, educators, and professionals in the realm of anthrozoology.

Christine is a co-funder and managing director of the International Community of Anthrozoology.

Dr. Christine Olsen
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