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The benefits

short description of what therapy dogs are

what the science says about affects

Canine assisted education

Therapy dogs implemented in education

is a systematic and targeted implementation of animals as an educational tool. The animal contributes as a source of motivation and empowerment for general and specific learning difficulties, socio-emotional challenges, and sensory-motor training.

school dog and child

Dogs in schools


Certified teams in schools can be used as an educational aid, with the goal of helping students achieve better results according to the curriculum and any Individualized Education Program (IEP).

Our teams can work in both general education and special education settings. They work with school classes, groups, or individual students. They cater to all age groups, from elementary school to adult education.

school dog

Work areas

The most important areas for AAE:
Relationship building
Concentration - being in the present
Social support
Self-efficacy or belief in one's own abilities
Planning, implementing, and reflecting
Professional expertise

school dog

The therapy dog Alma, helps students during exams

The visiting dog Alma, helps students during exams.

Alma is certified as a therapy dog. Here she is at a university in Norway where she provides students with relaxation during a stressful period. The students and schools have been so satisfied with this service
 that it has now become an annual job for several of our teams.

The students provided feedback that the brief breaks with the dogs reduced exam anxiety, provided energy, and increased concentration.

Therapy dog Alma
Therapy dog starter course

Therapy dog starter course

- online course


The course teaches you the important and necessary basics you need in order to work with your dog in animal-assisted services. It's an extensive beginner's course.

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