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The benefits

short description of what therapy dogs are

what the science says about affects

Canine assisted activities

Therapy dogs implemented in education

What is activities, where does the teams work etc

school dog and child

What kind of jobs can you get?

As a visiting dog, you can work with various user groups, including:


  • Working with inmates in prison

  • Assisting children and youths

  • Supporting individuals with mental health issues

  • Assisting in physical rehabilitation after injury or illness

  • Working as an exam dog

  • Working with the elderly

  • Taking jobs at institutions or for private individuals

  • And more...

As a visiting dog team, you must work in collaboration with a professional at the location. For example, if you're working at a school, you will assist a teacher, or if you want to work in low-threshold mental health services in the community, you will work with a psychiatric nurse.

therapy dog illustration
Therapy dog starter course

Therapy dog starter course

- online course


The course teaches you the important and necessary basics you need in order to work with your dog in animal-assisted services. It's an extensive beginner's course.

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