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PADA Cat assessment

PADA Cat assessment

PADA personality assessment of cats for AAS - animal assisted services


The test is conducted online and is developed by and reviewed by an ethologist.


The assessment will determine if your cat has the right temperament to work in close proximity to humans. This ensures the cat's welfare and reduces risk. A cat that thrives in human company will have an increased positive effect on a person and the cat will also be enriched by the experience.


The assessment gives you an objective and scientific insight into your cat's personality. This can help you understand your cat's behaviors in certain situations and provide you with knowledge on how to accommodate for your cat's needs.


Additional services:

+ € 40

You can add "With online support" to talk to an animal behaviorist for support tailored to your needs.


In-person assessment with evaluator:

We offer in-person assessments in:



Dyrebar Omsorg




Flow Coaching & Training



Dennis Turner



Fumi Higaki - contact



    PriceFrom €175.00
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