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Online startup course therapy dog

Online startup course - therapy dog, school dog and visiting doghandlers

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This course is designed for those who wish to gain a basic understanding of Animal-Assisted Interventions/Animal-Assisted Services. The course is developed by researchers and practitioners from several countries, and the narrator for this course is Dr. Aubrey H. Fine.


The course will provide you with a fundamental knowledge of the health-promoting effects that animals can have on humans. You will also gain a basic understanding of the human-dog relationship. Additionally, you will receive an introduction to dog training, canine language, and the risk factors to consider when working with our dogs in animal-assisted services.


Here's what a previous course participant had to say about the course:

"I’ve used to work in AAA as a volunteer for two years. But this course gave me a nice and needed background – now I KNOW (not just guess...) how a good intervention should look like and how to ensure my dogs’ welfare. It was exciting to wait for the next lesson to be unlocked! I definitely recommend the training!" - Marie Olsen


The course is structured to be adaptable to your schedule, allowing you to watch the lectures at your convenience.


The handbook - Animal-Assisted Support with dogs is included in the course (value €35)


The course consists of the following lectures:

  • Introduction
  • Risk Management
  • Learning
  • Canine Signals and Body Language
  • Canine Health
  • Relationship between Dog and Human
  • Communication and Ethics
  • How to Organize an Intervention


Read more  about dogs in animal-assisted services


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