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Fumi Higaki

Professional dog trainer

Fumi is a professional dog trainer specializing in Do as I Do Training, Canine Behavior Consulting, and Therapy Dog Training and Evaluation.

In the US, she earned Bachelor of Science in Business Administration and a Master of Business Administration with a focus in Organizational Behavior. She is a certified canine behavior consultant from IAABC and CCPDT. She is also a Certified Therapy Dog Evaluator and Educator of Animal Assisted Education from ASAET where she teaches online courses in approaches to animal-assisted education as well as animal behavior. As the Founder and Director of Ichinomiya Animal Assisted Education Dog Club, she works to raise awareness and to teach children about dog behavior, dog emotions, humane approach to living with them, and integrating dogs into our society as valuable social facilitators.

Fumi Higaki
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