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Welcome to ICofA

International Community of Anthrozoology

Animal-assisted services involve animals helping to enhance the well-being and quality of life for individuals who are vulnerable in some way.

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Handbook AASP

Handbook for Animal-Assisted
Support with dogs

The new handbook is just released!

A comprehensive book and foundational text crafted by leading experts in the field. This revised edition, born from the collaboration of various specialists, is an updated version of 'Animal Assisted Activities with Dogs: Guidelines for Basic Requirements & Knowledge,' initially published in 2016.

Courses and webinars
for animal assisted services with
dogs, cats, horses and farm animals




ICofA has a broad knowledge base of people educated in

a variety of fields such as:

psychology, anthrozoology, ethology, pedagogy and health.

Our high quality and expertise:

  • Gives our students a strong foundation and confidence when they are certified and ready to find employment or start their business.

  • Animal welfare is ensured by screening test and educating our students in how to adapt to fit the dogs needs.

  • Our students will work with different user groups, and their education will be individually tailored to effectively meet the needs of the specific users they will work with.

  • Many institutions have high requirements for animal-related services concerning hygiene, safeguarding individuals not involved in the intervention, enusuring safety, and the academic aspect.

It is important for us that our students are an asset to the field of animal assisted services and that they will be an important part of building the reputation and quality of AAS.

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Heard of therapy dogs, therapy cats

or maybe therapy goats?


Animals can be a great asset helping children that are struggling with school, the young man who struggles with mental health issues or the woman that is in a wheelchair after an accident.

Many of these can greatly benefit from incorporating certified teams that work with their animals in AAS (animal assisted services)

therapy cat

Animal welfare for therapy animals


All animals certified through us must undergo a personality test (PADA) conducted by an ethologist to determine if the animal is suitable and will thrive in human-related work. This is important to ensure animal welfare, minimize risks, and enhance the quality of the AAS field.


Animals that thrive in human interaction will have an increased health-promoting effect.

PADA assessment
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A big community


Our community consists of our certified teams, organizations in AAI, universities, researchers, and other academics.

By collaborating with the right expertise, people, and organisations we hope to improve the quality of AAI and create an international standard of minimum requirements for education and screening tests of animals.

Working with animals in close proximity to people should not be taken lightly, as animals and people can suffer as a consequence.

We also have a FORUM and GROUPS where people can meet and exchange ideas.

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