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Welcome to ICofA

the international center of anthrozoology

Heard of therapy dogs, therapy cats

or maybe therapy goats?

Many animals can work with helping people that are vulnerable in some way.

Children that are struggling with school, the young man who struggles with mental health issues or the woman that is in a wheelchair after an accident.

Many of these can greatly benefit from incorporating

certified teams that work with their animals in AAI (animal assisted interventions)


ICofA offers several courses within AAI, dog training, Do As I Do and Animal Welfare. Some are developed by ICofA itself, others are made by professionals and practitioners in their field of expertise. You can upload your course here too!


The Personality Assessment for Domestic Animals was idealised and developed by ICofA. PADA is a scientific based test different than any other personality assessment out there and is available for dogs, cats, horses and farm animals. 


Each service or product offered by ICofA was developed by experts. Besides having a variety of courses that you can choose from, you can also join our online community and have access to our articles for free.

We are grateful to collaborate with experts in a variety of fields!

IAHAIO, psychologists, scientists, ethologists, specialist social workers, specialists in puplic health and more


We have courses and certifications tailored specifically for types of species.

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