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PADA workshop 2022

PADA workshop 2022

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Do you want to learn more about dog behaviour, the mental test they have to go through to be approved and which dogs are suitable to become therapy dogs?

Now you can watch the recording of the LIVE workshop at October 23. 2022. 




(Personality Assessment of Domestic Animals)

PADA is an international test developed to reveal which dogs are suitable for use within Animal Assisted Intervention (AAI).  



PADA measures whether dogs are suitable, and have the right personality to become therapy dogs; however, this is only a pre-selection test, meaning that dogs passing PADA needs more training to learn skills needed in AAI. PADA is the first, necessary step for every dog before it can start working. 


To determine if a dog is suitable for work in AAI it needs to be assessed by a certified and qualified evaluator that has extensive knowledge in dog behavior. The mental test is called PADA and consist of 16 parts.   


Now you can learn more about the PADA test, general dog behavior and how YOU can educate yourself to carry out such tests. If you are interested in this, you should definitely join this workshop. 




In this workshop one of the scientist and developer behind  the test, Dr. Christine Olsen, will give a lecture about "The history and science behind PADA". 


You will also meet Line Sandstedt who will talk more about "Suitability and signs". 

Mandy Van Laar, one of the PADA leaders, will explain "How it works, and where to start your education". 


You will also get to know one of the students, Tahira,  who has taken the education and tested it in practice. She will share her experience. 


The last hour of the workshop we will watch two different PADA test where you can fill out your own test report before we discuss the test LIVE.


Dr. Christine Olsen will explain the different parts of the test and how the dogs react. 

You will see one dog who passed and one dog who didn't pass the test. 


Language: English

Workshop length : 3 hours



What is PADA?

Personality assessment for dogs in AAI.

Pada is an effective screening test for dogs working in animal-assisted interventions (AAI) based on scientific research. The system allows the selection of dogs based on the appropriateness of its psyche, physical condition and whether the dog is safe to work with. PADA was developed by a group of international experts from Norway, Poland and Hungary. 


Personality test of dogs

Personality Assessment for Dogs in Animal Assisted Intervention is a scientific-based method to asses dogs’ mentality. Tests and trials that are used were chosen to show personality traits that we seek in AAI working dogs: (lack of) fearfulness, sociability, responsiveness to training, (lack of) aggression, boldness and activity.


Finding the right answers​

The problem of selecting dogs for work is raised multiple times at conferences and workshops in the AAI milieu. International guidelines contain only general statements about “suitable psyche”, “good physical condition”, and “attitude towards contact with people”. Today if and how these traits are checked, is up to each specific organizations to decide. This means the "quality control" of dogs working in AAI can vary from non existing to scientifically approved testing.


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