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Two dogs, two different reactions

Do you want to learn more about dog behaviour, which dogs are suitable to become therapy dogs and the mental test they have to go through to be approved?

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Can you see the different?

Find the differences between the two dogs. Both dogs are tested (PADA TEST) in the same situation and conditions. In the video you will see two different parts of the PADA test, the rough hand and the playing. The PADA test consist of 16 parts, this is two of them.

Look closely at the dogs signals...

Where one dog stiffens, the other remains loose in the body. The miniature aussie deviates from the handler where the poodle allows the touch and bends his body towards the handler

In addition, the miniature aussie gives signals such as looking away, tonguing and panting.

In the play section, you will see that the poodle moves along with the game and is still loose in its body. The miniature aussie remains facing backwards during gameplay and keeps his distance during gameplay. In addition, the Aussie remains attentive to its environment

The Miniature Aussie is a great house dog but won't be able to feel as free as the Poodle which is definitely suited to further training in AAI.

Want to learn more about the PADA test and general dog-behavior? Sign up for the event :-D ​


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