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Do you want to learn more about dog behaviour, which dogs are suitable to become therapy dogs and the mental test they have to go through to be approved?

Sign up to our 3 hour LIVE workshop!

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(Personality Assessment of Domestic Animals)

PADA is an international test developed to reveal which dogs are suitable for use within Animal Assisted Intervention (AAI).  


PADA measures whether dogs are suitable, and have the right personality to become therapy dogs; however, this is only a pre-selection test, meaning that dogs passing PADA needs more training to learn skills needed in AAI. PADA is the first, necessary step for every dog before it can start working. 

To determine if a dog is suitable for work in AAI it needs to be assessed by a certified and qualified evaluator that has extensive knowledge in dog behavior. The mental test is called PADA and consist of 16 parts.   


Now you can learn more about the PADA test, general dog behavior and how YOU can educate yourself to carry out such tests. If you are interested in this, you should definitely join this workshop. 


Don´t miss out on this unique opportunity!


LIVE on Sunday October 23rd 2022 from 13.00 - 16.00 (GMT +2) there will be an online PADA workshop.





In this workshop one of the scientist and developer behind  the test, Dr. Christine Olsen, will give a lecture about "The history and science behind PADA".


You will also meet Line Sandstedt who will talk more about "Suitability and signs"

Mandy Van Laar, one of the PADA leaders, will explain "How it works, and where to start your education".


You will also get to know one of the students, Tahira,  who has taken the education and tested it in practice. She will share her experience. 


The last hour of the workshop we will watch two different PADA test where you can fill out your own test report before we discuss the test LIVE.


Dr. Christine Olsen will explain the different parts of the test and how the dogs react.

You will see one dog who passed and one dog who didn't pass the test. 


Language: English

Workshop length : 3 hours


What is PADA?

Personality assessment for dogs in AAI.

Pada is an effective screening test for dogs working in animal-assisted interventions (AAI) based on scientific research. The system allows the selection of dogs based on the appropriateness of its psyche, physical condition and whether the dog is safe to work with. PADA was developed by a group of international experts from Norway, Poland and Hungary. 

Personality test of dogs

Personality Assessment for Dogs in Animal Assisted Intervention is a scientific-based method to asses dogs’ mentality. Tests and trials that are used were chosen to show personality traits that we seek in AAI working dogs: (lack of) fearfulness, sociability, responsiveness to training, (lack of) aggression, boldness and activity.

Finding the right answers

The problem of selecting dogs for work is raised multiple times at conferences and workshops in the AAI milieu. International guidelines contain only general statements about “suitable psyche”, “good physical condition”, and “attitude towards contact with people”. Today if and how these traits are checked, is up to each specific organizations to decide. This means the "quality control" of dogs working in AAI can vary from non existing to scientifically approved testing.

Two dogs, two different reactions


Can you see the different?

Find the differences between the two dogs. Both dogs are tested in the same situation and conditions. In the video you will see two different parts of the PADA test. The rough hand and the playing.

Look closely at the dogs signals...
Where one dog stiffens, the other remains loose in the body. The miniature aussie deviates from the handler where the poodle allows the touch and bends his body towards the handler
In addition, the miniature aussie gives signals such as looking away, tonguing and panting.

In the play section, you will see that the poodle moves along with the game and is still loose in its body. The miniature aussie remains facing backwards during gameplay and keeps his distance during gameplay. In addition, the Aussie remains attentive to its environment

The Miniature Aussie is a great house dog but won't be able to feel as free as the Poodle which is definitely suited to further training in AAI.

Want to learn more about the PADA test and general dog-behavior? Sign up for the event :-D ​

Meet the speakers 


Dr. Christine Olsen

Dr. Christine Olsen has a master degree in ethology, higher education in special needs education and rehabilitation, and a PhD in public health focusing on animal-assisted interventions. Her research is frequently cited and is rated in the top 10% of all research outputs ever tracked by Almetric. Dr. Olsen is also a dog behaviorist and dog trainer, and screens dogs personality around the Europe. She travels with her lectures about AAI, dog mental test and animal welfare as a speaker on international conferences.

In this workshop dr. Christine will give a lecture about "The history and science behind PADA".


Line Sandstedt


Line is a lector in science and a postgraduate in special needs education and coaching. Sandstedt is also a dog behaviourist and dog trainer, and screen dogs personality for AAI. Sandstedt gives courses in dog training both nationally and internationally. She is responsible for all of the education given by Dyrebar Omsorg, both dog training and training of human-animal teams. Line has worked for the organization since 2006.

In this workshop Line will talk more about "Suitability and signs".

Mandy Van Leer.jpg

Mandy van Leer


Mandy is from the DAI Academy in the Netherlands. She is, along with Christine Olsen,  the first point of contact for everyone involved with PADA. Here focus is on creating partnerships between multiple countries and establishing good high-quality PADA teams. Mandy is educated veterinary assistant, animal management and cynological instructor. She is also a behavioral expert for dogs and offer choaching with dogs.  With many years of experience in AAI she will now focusing on how you can educate yourself with PADA.

In this workshop Mandy will explain "How PADA works, and where to start your education". 


Tahira Tarquini



Tahira is half Brazilian and live in the countryside of The Netherlands with her 4 wolfdogs and several other animals. Her AAI  journey started in 2017. She have attended several courses and in 2019 I participated in the first AAI camp in Poland where she met the professionals who founded the PADA tests. When she heard about this new testing system, she registered immediately in order to become a PADA technician and a PADA leader. Currently she is preparing for the examinations as PADA evaluator together with her colleagues. 

Tahira is invited by the PADA board to tell about her journey as a PADA professional. 

Why did she choose for PADA, how did the achievement of her certifications go and how is it to work in a PADA team.


She will be more than happy to answer all questions during the workshop. 

PADA cover.jpg

Do I need prior knowledge to be able to participate in this workshop? 

  • No, this workshop is open for everyone! This is a workshop that anyone can attend regardless of experience. The workshop will give you a good introduction in PADA. 

Is this workshop for everyone?

  • The workshop is for everyone who is interested in learning more about general dog behavior and how YOU can educate yourself to carry out such tests.

Who is PADA technician?

  • The PADA technician assists in facilitating the screening. The PADA technician will also be active in explaining what the owner should do, as well as the handling of the dog. The technician is subject to the PADA leader.

Who is PADA leader?

  • The PADA leader has the overall responsibility for the implementation, as well as informing the technician what and when to do the various elements. The PADA leader also fills in the form if a PADA evaluator is not present.

Who is PADA evaluator?

  • The PADA evaluator must assess the dog objectively, and fill in the final form after assessing the dog live or via video. The PADA evaluator must give thorough feedback to the owner about how the dog reacted to the various moments and how the dog is assessed. The PADA evaluator makes the final decision on whether the dog is suitable for further training, as well as what type of clients he/she is suitable to work with (After the dog has done PADA and bin recommended for further training, the dog and owner must complete theoretical and practical courses and then take a practical exam together.

Can I start the education as a technician and change my role later on? How to do it?

  • Yes, if you later fulfill the other requirements, you can change your role. If so, you can just send in a CV and certificates to verify that you fulfill the new role.

Am I able to organize PADA in my country after finishing the PADA education? 

  • Yes, if you can get a team of both an PADA leader and a PADA technician you can send in a video of the test and have an evaluator evaluate it. If one of you also are a PADA evaluator, you can do the evaluation yourselves. To use the PADA tool, you must be part of ICofA and by a licence of 50 Euro each time you screen a dog.

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