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Animal welfare children

education in animal welfare

 is a community run by children with the aim of educating and inspiring  

  children in how to better care for our animals. 

Knowledge of animal welfare for children

ICofA JUNIOR was created by Rigmor 9 years old. She wanted to educate children in animal welfare and how to respect animals in human care.


Children have great empathy and most children create strong bonds with their family pets, but without knowledge of their animal's needs, it is difficult for them to adapt to ensure their animal's welfare.

To give children knowledge as a tool for ensuring animal care gives them confidence and a good foundation for their future, living amongst animals.

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ICofA junior

Rigmor has a mother who is an ethologist and a father who is a police officer, previously working with police dogs. Rigmor  combines her passion for animals and the knowledge from her parents into creating a community for children to share with each other and inspire each other.

Free online course

The course is easy to follow with animations and fun pictures that capture the kids attention. We want children to have easy access to knowledge about good animal welfare and the animals' therapeutic functions. We want to focus on a healthy and important relationship between animals and humans as early as possible. It is actually a goal in the norwegian curriculum that students after 4th grade should be able to talk about what good animal welfare is.

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ICofA Junior motto

The Norwegian Junior motto:

"Animals have feelings.

Animals have needs.

Animals feel pain therefore

we have to be careful."

Rigmor and her friends

animal welfare children course


Everyone who completes the online course for ICofA Junior will be awarded a diploma.

It's great to be able to show that you have knowledge of something you are passionate about or care about.

online course animal welfare children

Junior course

Free online course in
animal welfare.

ICofA Junior community

Become a member

Talk to others, share stories, share knowledge and learn from the community.

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