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Polish-Norwegian partnership


Wow! We are just starting a fantastic new AAI exchange program! Polish Animals for People Association and Norwegian Dyrebar Omsorg will send ten trainees each, to meet, exchange good practices, discuss, have fun and learn from each other. Sounds fantastic, isn't it? 

What will we do? 
We will meet live twice: once in Poland, once in Norway. And we will discuss online our practice and training. 


More details? 

Poland: International AAI CAMP, 7-17th of July 2022. 
The camp will start with a two-day "Do as I do" workshop with Fumi Higaki from Japan. This fantastic trainer will work with our pl-no group with social learning, "Do as I do" protocol" and other possibilities to train the dog to copy the behavior. It is great fun for the dog, the handler, and... super idea to use in AAI. We will have plenty of time to discuss it together. 
Then, we will have several days full of dog training and workshops in international groups. Polish and Norwegian trainers will lead pieces of training with lots of experience, passion, and knowledge to share. 

Norway: Norwegian-polish exchange meeting, 12-18.09.2022
During the visit in Norway, we will train our dogs together and go for some hospitation in Norwegian AAI facilities. We will see how the AAI teams are working, inspire, discuss and share thoughts. 

Online platform
Each participant needs to be active on the platform and share experiences about AAI and/or dog training. That would help to know each other better, discover new methods, and build a strong partnership. 
Being active online is our requirement for joining live meetings!


How to join?

  1. Contact your country leader (Magda Nawarecka for Poland and Line Sandstedt for Norway) 

  2. Register on the

  3. Download the free SPACES app and join the community also on your mobile with 0ERXMA code.

  4. Remember about the activity! 

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