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Definition (IAHAIO whitepaper):

An Animal Assisted Intervention is a goal oriented and structured intervention that intentionally includes or incorporates animals in health, education and human services (e.g., social work) for the purpose of therapeutic gains in humans. It involves people with knowledge of the people and animals involved. Animal assisted interventions incorporate human-animal teams in formal human services such as Animal Assisted Therapy (AAT), Animal Assisted Education (AAE) or under certain conditions Animal Assisted Activity (AAA). Such interventions should be developed and implemented using an interdisciplinary approach.


2014, updated for 2018

The IAHAIO Definitions for Animal assisted interventions and guidelines for wellness of animals involved in AAI 


Our AAI courses


AAI Courses Dogs

The most known companions within AAI. Are you aware of all the possibilities that dogs can provide in this sector, and how to insert them in a way that they love what they are doing?


AAI Courses Farm Animals

Not only cats and dogs! Farm animals can improve a person's wellbeing in a very unique set up, enhancing contact with nature as well.


AAI Courses Cats

Have you ever heard the sentence "cats can't be trained"? You would be surprised! 


AAI Junior education

Also "little ones" can be educated about AAI and its benefits. 


AAI Courses Horses

Not only riding! Did you know that horses can execute plenty of exercises by walking free alongside a person? 

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Why it is important to test AAI animals

From the most obedient dog to the most explorative cavia, no matter the species, any animals inserted in Animal Assisted Interventions should be assessed to determine if it is suitable to work in one of the AAI disciplines, and in what way. 

No only for the human-animal interaction safety, but also to make sure that the animal enjoys that interaction. 

In order to determine an animal's suitability, it is important that it goes through a Suitability Assessment Test. 

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